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Getting a valuation from Townends Estate Agents is more than just a price of your property, it also provides an accurate assessment of the market and any other factors that make you and your home favourable to buyers.

electrical safety

Electrical Safety Standards

As just about anyone and everyone in our letting departments both front office and support teams will be testament to, the Electrical Safety Standards for the private rented sector in England came into force on 1 June 2020 and has created a lot of additional work to ensure our Landlords […]

Which kind of landlord are you? Part 1

Over the coming weeks, Townends will be publishing a series of articles for landlords where we’ll explore every aspect of the property letting world, whilst offering advice and assistance. Latest statistics show that there are over two million landlords in the UK today, owning almost five million properties. This means […]

Meet your property management team

Property Managers service hundreds of landlords in our area. Townends’ Fully Managed and Fully Managed Plus services continue to grow in popularity as new and existing landlords realise how much easier life is with an efficient and dedicated lettings partner on board.


Fall in love with Townends Estate Agents

It’s common knowledge that relationships, whether personal or professional, need work, but if you start putting in more than you’re getting back things may start to turn sour.


How to choose the right letting agent

If you’re a landlord who rents out a property to a tenant, or maybe a portfolio of properties to numerous tenants, you’ll know that it’s essential to have a good letting agent in order to assist you with the day to day problems you can face in the property market.


Looking forward in 2020: Predicted legislation updates and market trends

As landlords will know, annual lettings legislation updates and amendments are fundamentally important, if not an exhausting part of letting a property. It’s essential that as a landlord, you stay completely up to date with all the changes that occur and it’s sensible to keep informed all year round.


What is the key to a good landlord-tenant relationship?

Establishing a good relationship between the landlord and tenant is key for a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Put simply, the tenant wants to feel at home in their own personal environment and the landlord wants to receive a hassle-free stream of rental income.


What exactly is an AST?

If you’re involved in the letting or renting of properties, it’s essential to know the importance of what an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). It is, in short, a mode of formal agreement that landlords use in order to let their residential properties to any private tenants.