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It’s common knowledge that relationships, whether personal or professional, need work, but if you start putting in more than you’re getting back things may start to turn sour.


How to choose the right letting agent

If you’re a landlord who rents out a property to a tenant, or maybe a portfolio of properties to numerous tenants, you’ll know that it’s essential to have a good letting agent in order to assist you with the day to day problems you can face in the property market.


Looking forward in 2020: Predicted legislation updates and market trends

As landlords will know, annual lettings legislation updates and amendments are fundamentally important, if not an exhausting part of letting a property. It’s essential that as a landlord, you stay completely up to date with all the changes that occur and it’s sensible to keep informed all year round.


What is the key to a good landlord-tenant relationship?

Establishing a good relationship between the landlord and tenant is key for a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Put simply, the tenant wants to feel at home in their own personal environment and the landlord wants to receive a hassle-free stream of rental income.


What exactly is an AST?

If you’re involved in the letting or renting of properties, it’s essential to know the importance of what an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). It is, in short, a mode of formal agreement that landlords use in order to let their residential properties to any private tenants.

Start afresh: The importance of professional inventories and cleaning

As Big Ben rang in 2020, we were all probably already well under way planning resolutions which will make us richer, happier, thinner and healthier – stoically determined to dig out the dusty cross-trainer from the loft. However long your New Year Resolutions list, 1st January is a great time for everybody to start afresh with good intentions.


Don’t just prep your turkey this Christmas!

During the winter, while people are naturally drawn to the warmth of the indoors, they turn to their phones and computers and we see a significant increase in the number of property related searches.


Could you sell your house before Christmas?

If you’re looking to sell your property by Christmas or early in 2020, don’t let winter hibernation stop you from acting now. As the market slows right down, what initially might seem a wacky idea might just be a masterstroke.


Record rental prices in London and Surrey

It’s a well-known fact that there’s a substantial lack of affordable homes nationwide. We hear about it on the news regularly and over time, many have promised to address the issue. However, the stark truth is that it has fast become a crisis.