Last year, Rightmove reported a 231% increase in visits between Christmas Day and 2nd January. Take advantage of the festive uplift and get your property on the market before Christmas!

Could you sell your house before Christmas?


If you’re looking to sell your property by Christmas or early in 2020, don’t let winter hibernation stop you from acting now. As the market slows right down, what initially might seem a wacky idea might just be a masterstroke.

While people start to settle by the fire-place – only drawn outside to attend Nativity plays and Carol Concerts – the number of people viewing properties online increases.

Last year, Rightmove reported a 231% increase in visits between Christmas Day and 2nd January.

In 2019 alone, autumnal viewings grew by 28% – a large increase of serious, active buyers, rather than tentative viewers looking to move in a few months’ time. If you’re shrewd, then starting the process of selling your property in November could even mean Christmas dinner or a New Year’s party in your new place.

Maximising your property’s positive characteristics will help speed the offers up. If it’s in a great location, think about capitalising on the close links to transport hubs, amenities, schools and open green areas. All of these will add value to the property, and when a house has advantages like these, there’ll always be a market for it, whatever the time of year.

Consider the presentation of your property for upcoming viewings. When you think that the cold winter months mostly shroud everything in darkness, counter that with using light.

Clean the windows, open the blinds and pull back the curtains. Change any non-working lightbulbs and position lamps to brighten any dark corners. The property must be warm and welcoming, so put the heating on and light the fireplace.

Remember that a potential buyer will ask lots of questions during the viewings, and if any pending maintenance work or things that need repairing surface, they will either offer less than the asking price, or call the deal off all together. Make sure the property is in great condition before the first viewing as buyers will wish to avoid any costs after they move in.

Utilise all the rooms by decluttering. Focus on the areas which accumulate – well – stuff. Give the spare room a purpose and make it more than the room where all the laundry is stacked up. Spend time, not money, on sorting through the excess belongings and clothes.

Lastly, choose your asking price carefully. Too high a price and you’ll struggle to see interest in the property, but too low a price and you’ll lose money on what your house is worth.

A good idea is to do a quick online valuation with Townends to see what your house might go for – we’ll even let you know what prices other houses in your area are getting at sale.

By being proactive, ‘staging’ your property, and being astute with the asking price – as well being able to rely on the support Townends provides – you could see your property sold well before winter’s over.

The winter months can be slow, but with our help, you don’t have to wait to spring.

Book a valuation today and start getting your property seen!

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