If you are thinking of getting into property letting in 2020, or maybe even expanding your portfolio of properties, Townends brings nothing but good tidings. Motivated by nothing but seasonal goodwill, we’ve put together our five top tips for landlords.

Looking to let in 2020? Top tips for letting your property quickly and easily


With everything that goes on over Christmas, it can be tough to plan into 2020 until it’s suddenly New Year’s Eve and someone asks you whether you have any New Year resolutions.

Most of us will have set a firm jaw and vowed to either lose a bit around the waist or gain a bit around the wallet by whichever means possible. Regarding the wallet part, it’s even possible that you’re thinking about rental income.

If you are thinking of getting into property letting in 2020, or maybe even expanding your portfolio of properties, Townends brings nothing but good tidings. Motivated by nothing but seasonal goodwill, we’ve put together our five top tips for landlords.

Getting your property really ready

Before scheduling any viewings for a property, you want to let it’s advisable to complete any maintenance work that needs to be done. This might include making sure any decorating is up to scratch as well as fixing any issues that may deter potential tenants.

Presentation is key as first impressions of a prospective home really count. Giving the garden a trim so people can easily walk down the path, a lick of paint where it’s needed and simply tidying up clutter will add to the property’s appeal.

Also, you might like to consider lighting the property once the viewings have begun. Christmas lights aside, December can be a dark month and the property may seem gloomy if it isn’t property lit. Lamps in the corners of rooms will also make the rooms seem bigger. You heard it here first.

Do your homework on applicants

When it comes to renting out your asset, you want to know it’s going to be in safe hands. A property you’ve bought may have sentimental value and you might feel uncertain about who you let live in it.

One of the advantages of choosing to be a Fully Managed Plus landlord with Townends is that we advertise for the tenant who’ll best suit your property by working with all the major portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. We have access to the widest possible applicant pool across London and Surrey and we’re certain we can match your property with the right tenant.

Be savvy with what the local market needs

Contact the Townends team and we’ll let you know all the details about which type of properties are most popular with tenants, and where. Our House Price Index and Rental Price Index show in-depth, up-to-date data about what is selling in our core areas of London and Surrey – and for how much.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a property to let in 2020, there are factors to be taken into consideration. Should you invest in a family home, a flat, student accommodation? We’ll let you know if there’s a shortage of a particular type of popular rental property in a particular area, so you can invest in an asset that will maximise your rental income.

Sound mortgage advice from professionals

For potential landlords-to-be, sound mortgage advice is like gold dust.

Fortunately, at Townends, to be the best in our field, we work with the best in other fields. By working in conjunction with dot Financial Services, you’ll have access to the soundest mortgage advice in the same core areas as we operate – all across London and Surrey.

Take their professional advice to find the mortgage that works best for your circumstances.

Stay insured

While specific landlord insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it may be worth considering as many standard home insurance policies don’t cover all the potential risks you face as a landlord.

Home insurance often only covers the occupier’s possessions and the building itself, while specific landlord insurance can also cover you for the likes of missed rental payments and legal fees or compensation costs should a tenant make a claim against you.

By registering with Townends as a Fully Managed Plus landlord, our team will take care of all the potential legal issues that could come your way if a tenant does decide to make a claim.

Townends – alleviating landlords’ headaches for over 25 years

So, if one of your New Year resolutions is to get involved in property letting, Townends is the best option for you.

We’ve been accumulating experience and expertise in letting, selling and buying properties all over London and Surrey for nearly 30 years. There’s not much that we haven’t seen, and as such, we’re sure that whatever problem could possibly arise, we’ve got a sure-fire way of dealing with it.

Contact us any time for a free valuation of your house with no obligation attached to take it any further. One of our fully qualified property professionals will come around and offer you an in-depth appraisal of your home and the next steps to take if you’re considering searching for potential tenants.

Choosing to be a Fully Managed Plus landlord with the Townends team is the best option for you as a landlord. We’re certain you’ll have a very happy new year right through to Christmas next year!

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