Why wait till Spring to begin the big clean? Our data shows that from the middle of January when the first eager tenants start requesting viewings, the stream starts growing ever steadier.

Start afresh: The importance of professional inventories and cleaning

As Big Ben rang in 2020, we were all probably already well under way planning resolutions which will make us richer, happier, thinner and healthier – stoically determined to dig out the dusty cross-trainer from the loft. However long your New Year Resolutions list, 1st January is a great time for everybody to start afresh with good intentions.

Why wait till Spring?

The thing is, as a landlord, why wait till Spring to begin the big clean? Our data shows that from the middle of January when the first eager tenants start requesting viewings, the stream starts growing ever steadier and it’s a great idea to get your property seen in the best light possible. By getting a thorough clean in early, you’re getting a head-start on other properties right from the off.

Townends keeps on top of things all year round

When you own a property to let, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting it to look pristine in the Summer when viewings hit a peak, successfully finding a tenant and signing the contract, then leaving it completely in their hands until the contract comes to an end and the whole process starts again.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We recommend staying on top of your asset all year round as this will reduce the amount of work you have to do when the lease comes to an end. What’s more, if the landlord takes pride in the property and exercises a hands-on approach to keeping it top-notch, the tenant will take pride in it too.

The importance of inventories

Traditionally, when talking about carrying out inventories of a rental property at Check-In and Check-Out, it’s hard to know for which party they fall in favour; landlord or tenant? The truth is that they favour both equally. Inventories are a fundamental necessity to safeguard both the landlord and the tenant by establishing the exact condition of the property as well as the contents and furnishings within. The official recording of this can then be used to track any damage and breakages against natural wear and tear.

An inventory protects both landlords and tenants from taking advantage of a situation and provides a fair and objective response to deposit disputes.

Halfway point inventories

Traditionally, inventories are done at the time of Check-in and then Check-out. At Townends we would recommend carrying out a halfway point inventory check at the beginning of January.

Although unofficial landlord inspections are commonplace by simply popping around with the stipulated 24 hours’ notice, letting our diligent team of professionals undertake a full inventory when the New Year is still in its infancy will further protect you from any disputes at the end of the tenancy, when taking the returning of the deposit into consideration.

As a benefit to all of our Fully Managed Plus landlords, our inventory specialists will walk through the property with the tenant whilst highlighting any potential issues, recording and resolving any concerns or queries that might arise and ensuring the inventory is signed and dated by both parties. This will be sufficient proof to demonstrate if anything has been damaged between January and the end of the tenancy, or whether it may reasonably be labelled as wear and tear. This service is also available to all non-Fully Managed Plus landlords for an additional cost.*

Make your property stand out

The property you’re letting is likely to be one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever own so there’s a huge incentive for everyone living in it, or responsible for its upkeep to maintain it in the best condition possible.

As a landlord, this involves keeping an eye on your property, managing it regularly and professionally for the ultimate wellbeing of the tenant.

If the property or properties in your portfolio are regularly and thoroughly cleaned and the contents within are further protected by a halfway point inventory, you’ll have peace of mind that your asset is in the best hands possible and your tenants will be more incentivised to look after its state. It really is the difference between a house and a home.

Don’t wait – contact Townends now

New Year is the time to act. It’s a fresh start and now is always the best time to act when your property is involved.

Get in touch with our team at Townends today so we can start making your life easier as a landlord. We have well over 25 years’ experience managing properties all across London and Surrey and all the expertise necessary to make your asset stand out.

One of our inventory specialists will carry out a property inspection inventory upon request and we’ll then present you with a detailed report of all the findings.

You can benefit from our service even more by booking with us to organise an accurate property valuation free of charge.

*Half way point inventory available to all landlords for a charge of £66 inc. VAT (cost included within the Fully Managed Plus service).

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